Cucumber Planting and Harvesting in Africa


Cucumber “General Lee” is one of the most popular cucumbers in South-Eastern Asia. This variety is well-known for its light green skin, but a small portion of dark green color in the top, and uniform and straight cylindrical shape with rounded blunt ends. An excellent variety for home gardens and commercial growing.

20 – 22 cm long with green color. Cylindrical fruit with oblong shape, small core, crunchy & sweet flesh.Good cultivation with vigorous plants, many branches, high ratio female flowers, high uniformity, high tolerance to diseases such as downy mildew and very few feeble fruits. Long harvest duration and good choice for sowing in rainy season.

Appearance 20 – 22 cm long with green color.
Harvest 34 – 36 days
Yield 3 – 4 kg/plant
Density Rainy season: 1.2 x 0.6 m Sunny season: 1.2 x 0.5 m
Supply Ability 500 Ton OP Seed/ Year, 100 Ton F1 Seed/ Year